Why Using Psychology To Boost Your Digital Marketing is a Good Idea

April 7, 2014 pamela Comments Off on Why Using Psychology To Boost Your Digital Marketing is a Good Idea

There is nothing wrong with taking advantage of human nature in order to help your Digital Marketing campaigns have more oomph about them.  In fact your customers will probably thank you for creating something more appealing than annoying. We all use psychology every day, even if we do not realise it. Incorporating that knowledge into your marketing will only help you go further.



Appeal to Emotions:

If you can trigger some emotion in response to your site or communications than the recipient is more likely to remember you and perhaps even mention you to friends and family. People tend to act on emotions rather than on logic. We are therefore led by our feelings and marketing campaigns and websites should appeal to this rather than avoid it. When advertising or promoting a product or service tell your customers how it will make them feel so that they can relate to it and their need to have it. Doing this well means understanding your customers so it is just as well to get advice from sites like www.ocere.com that can provide guidance on how to approach digital marketing strategies.

Make it Valuable:

We are more likely to purchase a product or service if we perceive that the value outweighs the cost. There are several ways to convince a potential customer that this is the case other than the obvious one of reducing the products actual monetary value. Things like adding in extra ‘free’ items or services instantaneously makes it more appealing. You can also try things like clear and concise explanations of all of the benefits, ways that it will be ‘life-enhancing’ to purchase the item. Another option is to list all of the negatives of not actually buying the product. All of these things automatically enhance the product in our own heads.

Garner Their Trust:

People like to be able to trust those that they buy from. If your website or marketing gives them a feeling of mistrust or they do not believe your wild statements then they will be put off and you won’t see them again. Gaining their trust is of huge importance. It is vital that potential customers can see things like testimonials from other happy customers, a secure and fully functioning payment method and a clean and professional image which is not spoilt by things like spammy pop-ups. The instant that a visitor does not feel in control of their visit to your site than they will be gone.

There are many other ways to incorporate the way that people think into your marketing strategies. The first step is to ensure that you completely understand your customer and what it is that they want from you. Knowledge is power after all!

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