Why Managing Company Systems Electronically is the Best Business Decision You'll Make

August 30, 2014 prolog Comments Off on Why Managing Company Systems Electronically is the Best Business Decision You’ll Make

Having a position within a company that permits you to make decisions is both a privilege and a curse sometimes with so much pressure on you to make the right call every single time. Now and again you’ll make a call that will have an immensely positive impact on the way the company runs or who is hired for example, but there will also be the occasion when you are left to rue your decision.


Making decisions on certain products and services is just one key area where having ‘the power’ has the potential to go either way. You either make a call on something that will take the business forward into the modern era and make the lives of your employees much, much simpler; or it could prove to be a massive hindrance that actually decreases productivity because your staff simply can’t get to grips with the new products and they’re all calling for their old machines back.


Whether they end up working out for better or worse is, of course, the main issue; but the reasoning behind these decisions is usually along the lines of improving the business as a whole or finding a way to progress without necessarily breaking the bank in the process. After all, every business could throw money at the latest and greatest hardware or software on the market designed to automate every process with the need of a couple of people to hit the start and stop buttons, but you want to be able to ensure that you still make money after your investment and that you enhance your reputation because of the services this new equipment allows you to offer.


As mentioned, sometimes it works and sometimes it doesn’t, but investing in IT management systems has been proven – in a wide variety of industries – to be a highly valuable business decision from the receptionist and administrative workers right up the chain to the board of directors. Packages such as those offered by IT service management and help desk software creators SysAid enable businesses to automate all of their essential computing requirements meaning no more scrappy bits of paper being passed around with a list of errors or having to spend your time running around the building in search of the IT support team.


Your typical office can have hundreds of employees and if they’re all working with computers or electronic devices such as photocopiers, printers or projector screens the chances are that something at some point during the working day is going to need attention. It might be that the coloured ink cartridge needs changing in the printer on the third floor or that the projector in the meeting room is missing a cable.


Whatever the issue is, the IT support staff working in the building are likely to be very busy and when they get in each morning their first task is quite probably to go through all of the support tickets requested either the previous day or even earlier that they didn’t manage to resolve or haven’t had the chance to get to yet. In other instances, it might be that they didn’t even receive a support ticket and that someone asked them by word of mouth in passing to bring some more paper up for the second floor printer, a task that can be easily overlooked. However, by implementing an automated system into the office, employees can register their issues and the support tickets will be sent electronically to the help desk and they can then be organised according to priority or any other criteria so that each request is dealt with efficiently and effectively to keep the business moving. After all, nobody likes down time – it decreases productivity and time is money as we all know. Even a printer being offline for ten minutes can cause problems so the sooner things can be logged in the system, the sooner they can be resolved.


Having the ability to speed up processes, monitor tasks and improve all-round performance is key whether you’re a business of five people making your first steps on the ladder or an established firm with your own multi-storey building and hundreds of staff on the payroll. Investing in electronic systems to help you to deal with queries, problems and serious issues is one of the best business decisions you will make and if you’re in a position where you have the final call on the purchase or the ability to request trials, it’s definitely one of the decisions that you will find tough, but rewarding, meaning you could be the one credited with the implementation that takes the business on to the next level.

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