When Should You Use a Leased Line

July 15, 2015 prolog Comments Off on When Should You Use a Leased Line

The strength of your communications infrastructure can determine how effectively your business communicates. From different departments keeping in touch, through to colleagues in different cities sharing files and shared network facilities, careful planning and structuring of your IT can lead to significant improvements in operational efficiency. A leased line, like those provided by Exponential-e, is often used by companies looking to take their data communications to the next level, providing a leased, dedicated line which can be used for industrial-grade data and voice communication. But when should you choose to make the upgrade?

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1. Your business needs fast, reliable broadband

Broadband isn’t a luxury – it’s a business essential for all but the most traditional of businesses. You need fast broadband that can be relied upon, regardless of the number of people sharing the connection and their total bandwidth consumption at any time. Regular lines are often throttled by ISPs during times of high usage, slowing the overall network down and introducing direct inefficiencies into your business processes. A leased line provides a dedicated connection, so you have a clear run at using your broadband speeds to their full potential – especially useful for businesses who collaboratively work on files, or share large documents and projects online

2. You are investing in networked communications

An internal network can deliver a number of benefits for your business, tightening up communications in the round and ensuring everyone who needs to access your network data can do so as and when they need to. A network area without a leased line is possible, but this can often be subject to the same limitations as a standard business line. If you are investing seriously in establishing a network, or you are looking to shore up your existing network, a leased line can provide the ideal foundations on which to build.

3. You need optimal privacy and security

Not every business is suited to sharing its data across regular communication channels, and it may be the case that you have a particular need for greater privacy and security through your connections. A leased line segregates your data connection from the rest of your city, including from other business users, so you can be assured of the utmost privacy and security whenever you go online, make a phone call, or access your staff shared area.

4. Expanding beyond regular connections

When businesses grow and expand to take in more employees, one of the first things that can start to show signs of needing improvement are Internet and data connections. If your business is starting to get to the point where staff are complaining about slow Internet, or where dropped connections are costing you time and money, this may be a sign that it’s time to upgrade. As your business grows, considering a leased line can help you save money in the long-term, through more robust, more efficient connections for your entire staff.

5. For an optimal communications experience

Some companies choose to upgrade out of desire, as well as necessity. If you are simply looking to get the optimal communications experience, combining fast broadband, secure data connections and networking facilities, and a more reliable service, a leased line might be answer for you.

A leased line is naturally more expensive than a standard business or retail connection. However, the gains that come from using a quicker, more effective connection means that you can save money, both now and long-term, in time saved and productivity gained.


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