This is Why Your Internet Marketing is Not Working

February 25, 2015 prolog Comments Off on This is Why Your Internet Marketing is Not Working

Marketing is a must for any business in the digital age. While offline methods are necessary, they are nowhere near as monumental as internet marketing campaigns. But, why is your digital strategy not working? What is it that is making your internet endeavours fail? There are some essential clues that you must unravel to see why your internet marketing strategies are not working.

Here are some indicators of why this is so, and how you can put them right.

A Lack of Personalisation

In the age of the digital, it’s essential that you are deploying internet based strategies that are personal. Yes, you may have 3000 clients on your database, but does that mean you can treat them like ‘just another customer’. No. You need to be more personal in your approach. So, make sure that you are personalising messages and emails based on previous purchases and likes. Ensure that you are using their name in the email. Do be sure to add deals that would be of explicit interest to them. And, for the love of god, don’t spam them with the hard sales pitch. Keep it light, informal and personable. When it comes to email marketing and social media marketing, these are the golden rules.

You’re Making a Lot of Noise (But No One is Listening)

Okay, so marketers need to be proactive. In any business, you are probably using a piece of software to enables you to send periodic tweets and statuses throughout the day. But, is it really relevant? Are you just posting the same stuff, at the same time, everyday? If so, that’s why your digital marketing is not working. Make sure that you are creating content. Ensure its engaging. Ensure that you are sharing interesting images, articles and facts. Talk to your clients. What are they saying about the latest trends in your industry? In short, make noise, but do it in the right way.

You Are Focussing on the Wrong People

Any publicity is good publicity, right? Wrong! You need to make sure that you are honing your audience and sending your messages out to the right people. Social media marketing is a good way to do this. But, you also need to increase traffic using SEO methods to. A specialist in SEO in Boston told us that the easiest way to get people in is to make sure that you are adopting a broad range of SEO methods. PPC, social media, content, white-hat tactics, on-page and off page methods are imperative. Honing these will ensure that you get your message out to the right people in the right places.

87 This is Why Your Internet Marketing is Not Working

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Your Copywriting Skills Are Not Great

Okay, so you may not be the next Dickens. That’s okay. But, making sure that you are listening to your clients and customers can be a good way of getting them interested in your posts. If you’re not comfortable with writing a post on a particular subject, don’t write it. You need to be an authority on the matter, not someone with a half the skillet. Make sure that people are learning from your post and how your product can benefit them.


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