Take Care Of Your Employees!

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If there is one thing businesses need to survive it is their employees. There is not a company on the planet that is an exception to the rule, even though technology is becoming more advanced. Regardless of technology, you will always need a human pulling the strings and carrying out the day to day jobs. As you are almost certainly aware, then, it is important to keep them on your side.


As most bosses will allude to, there has been and continues to be an inherent trust issue between employers and their employees. Employees think that their bosses don’t have their best interests at heart and are trying to manipulate them. Employers, on the other hand, don’t think that their employees are working hard enough and always demand more.  As a result, the relationship deteriorates.


But, that is not ideal for any party. You, as the boss, want them to be productive as possible, and they want to work and feel challenged. So, how do you fix the problem?


Don’t Be A Hypocrite


The first thing that employees will pick up on is hypocrisy. The relationship between boss and subordinate is already a difficult one because employees don’t like the fact that it is one rule for them and another for you. As soon as they see their boss acting in a manner that you would hate, they start to lose respect. You should always act and behave as you demand them to act and behave. That way, they cannot have any complaints.


Lead By Example


Sometimes, you are not going to be liked by your employees. In fact, some of them might even hate you and wish that lost your job! It is all part and parcel of being the person in charge. The key is not friendship but respect. Although they might not like you, they don’t have to if they respect you. If they can see that you are a person of character and moral fiber, there will always be a certain level of trust in your relationship. Trust is vital because employees want to know that their boss will always treat them fairly.




Do you want to know what causes most relationships to breakdown? A lack of communication. It is vital that you tell them clearly and succinctly what your expectations are. Then, they cannot feel hard done to if and when you have to talk to them about their work. If you were to be honest, you would also feel hard done to if you didn’t know what as expected of you and was punished as a result. Also, a simple chat is enough to repair a relationship. When you do have to do something that they don’t like, you can explain your motives to them afterwards. Although they might not like it, they should understand their decision.




Take Care Of Their Safety


Looking after your employees in the workplace is a clear sign that you care. Okay, it might be a legal requirement, but there are still companies that don’t take health and safety seriously. No one should feel insecure when they are at work. Work is not a dangerous pursuit, so an employee of yours should never have to put their life at risk then they enter the office. At the minute, health and safety are becoming a bit of a joke. Still, it is important for the people that maintain your business on a daily basis that you don’t cut any corners.


Relieve Their Boredom


Honestly, employees have fallen out with their superiors for a lot less! As the boss, you might not see how boring and monotonous work can be at times. If you have them doing the same thing over and over, they are bound to lose focus. Work becomes something they dread and you are the person that they blame, especially if you are swanning around the office. Again, by mixing up the workload and giving them something new to do every day you are showing them that you care. After all, you could get them to repeat the same task again and again.


Chill Out And Delegate


Are you a boss that loves to be in control? If the answer is yes, you might want to rethink your approach. There are lots of bosses that love to be in control, and who can blame them? After all, it is part of the job description. However, a bossy boss can be overbearing and too controlling. You come across as a control freak and someone who loves the power. Try delegating power to your employees wherever possible to change the dynamic. Employees who are free to make decisions feel less like children and more like valuable members of the company.


Offer Incentives


Let’s be honest, even if you follow all of the tips above, some people would still have problems. Unfortunately, that is part of being the boss. Luckily, there is one option that doesn’t require friendship, respect or power for them to work harder. Incentives are the perfect alternatives because everyone loves something extra. Mainly, incentives are financial because money makes the world tick, but they can be anything that will make them take notice.


Hire Employment Law Specialists


From time to time, the relationship between you and your employees will be untenable. When that happens, there is nothing you can do apart from let the situation play out and see what comes next. Still, it always a good idea to get advice from professionals who know the industry and have experience. Employment law consultancy with Peninsula Group is one company that a lot of businesses turn to in their time of need. As long as you are getting industry specific advice, you always have the best chance of coming out on top.




Maintaining a good working relationship with your workforce is all down to compromise. From time to time, you both do things that you don’t like. However, with the right amount of communication and leadership skills, you will get a perfect balance.


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