Investing in the future of your business with eco-friendly changes to your process

March 17, 2015 prolog Comments Off on Investing in the future of your business with eco-friendly changes to your process

Making money is considered the ultimate goal of any successful business; this approach treats the eco-friendliness of the business as an issue that is unconnected to the basic purpose of the business. Conventionally, businesses followed green policies and environmentally-friendly strategies, provided such policies and strategies did not hurt overall profitability.

Today, businesses are realizing that simply ignoring environmental factors is not a sustainable approach, and that such a strategy shall, sooner or later, affect the very existence of commercial enterprises. Hence, your strategy towards future business development should include a shift to eco-friendly policies that facilitate profitable operations in a sustainable manner.

Planning for a green future

Running a business that is in sync with the natural environment is not something that can be achieved through mere gestures or stunts. Just as cost reduction and profit maximization require a holistic approach towards each and every aspect of the firm’s operations, becoming a green business too requires a fundamental change in mindset.

How to reduce the environmental pollution caused by hundreds of employees traveling to the office on a daily basis? Go beyond time-tested solutions such as carpooling or tree plantation activities in the factory. Can you use enterprise-level cloud computing, mobile conferencing, smartphones and tablets, and a new work culture to implement a work-from-home policy for your employees?

Instead of inviting potential employees for personal interviews, how about relying on mobile conferencing solutions to conduct virtual interviews? Can you combine modern energy storage solutions with solar or wind power generation technologies to switch to green energy for your business? New technologies can help you overcome traditional challenges involved in running an eco-friendly business. The important thing is to get rid of your defeatist mindset.

Running a social media poll and inviting people located all over the world to offer suggestions to make your business greener without impairing profitability can be a great branding exercise that can help you get useful tips and innovative ideas. Along with funding and recruitment, you can use crowdsourcing to become an environment-friendly business as well.

Another smart option is to rely on the advice and opinions of experts who specialize in helping businesses strike the right balance between the environment and profitability. There was a time when opting for an eco-friendly fuel meant switching to solar or wind energy. Today, you can opt for natural gas, shale gas, shale oil, and many other new-age eco-friendly sources of energy.

Shale gas development has the potential to help your business get rid of its dependence on coal without compromising on operational efficiency. Experts such as Daniel Yergin have conducted numerous studies and researches on unconventional energy sources that go beyond nuclear, solar, and wind power. Relying on the scholarly work of such experts can help you conduct a technical and scientific assessment of the general viability of such fuels along with its suitability for your business in particular.

Recent surveys have shown that most people are ambivalent towards new energy sources such as shale gas simply due to a lack of knowledge. Instead of planning the future of your business on vague hunches, you should combine modern technology with the knowledge and expertise of specialists such as Daniel Yergin to take an informed decision.


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