How to Dominate Google

April 22, 2014 Charlie Comments Off on How to Dominate Google

5446834736_0f9b8dcd5c_zUnfortunately, this title was devised to merelywhet your appetite and make you take a read. Like everyone out there, we’re still looking for the perfect formula to dominate the Google search pages, but there are some key tips to succeed in another area of the big G’s service.

Google+ is less than three years old, but has already become the second most popular social network in the world. At first, we were all expecting some sort of Facebook copycat, but it’s become clear over the years that this network has become a much more professional offering. It’s not full of users telling us they day-to-day stories, its main focus is to instead concentrate on the B2B community.

Fortunately, succeeding on Google+ is much easier than the ever-changing landscape of the SERPS. While the network obviously runs on its own algorithms, it’s a much simpler platform to use.

To highlight how any business can take advantage of Google+, we’re going to refer to a case study that’s just been published in the Policy Bee Social Guide. This firm, based in the insurance industry, concentrated most of their efforts on Google+ and has received countless new business because of this. We’ll now take a look at some of the steps that they recommended and before you ask, they don’t require extravagant marketing budgets.


Setting up a potentially successful Google+ account is not a “plug-and-play” process. After registering your account, don’t leave it to rot in its standard state – you need to personalise it.

It needs to reflect exactly what your business is about and this should be highlighted both in the design and content. In relation to the former, make sure you acquire a decent profile picture and banner that will entice any potential customer who lands on your page. Then proceed to complete your ‘About’ tab, after all, you want any consumer to at least know what your business is about before they start engaging.

Get talking (and sharing)

One of the beauties about Google+ are the umpteen communities that users can engage in. In short, these are groups which allow members to post stories and generally chat about a particular subject.

Bearing this in mind, the obvious step is to engage in any community that is related to your business. If we return to the Policy Bee example again, this company also decided to share relevant articles to the community groups in a bid to build a name in these channels. By doing this, it maximises the chances of fellow users and businesses hopping on board and following your page.

Get posting

You’ve opened up your page to a barrage of users, so it’s now time to give them something to read. Policy Bee’s approach was to post at least one new article on there once a day, whether this was content from their own website, or something shared from another page. The aim was to again encourage that engagement and always inspire repeat visits from their followers.

Be as social as possible

Once you’ve started to build-up a decent following, you will start to have that illusive interaction that all businesses on Google+ crave. This is the ultimate goal for a lot of companies, so don’t take it for granted. You’re part of a social network, so let’s not be rude, and at least respond to everything that gets posted. Good or bad, you want to encourage future conversation, and the only way to do this is to respond accordingly to any contributions.

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