How online shopping is taking over the world

July 23, 2014 prolog Comments Off on How online shopping is taking over the world

 Easy, quick and efficient, it’s no wonder that shoppers across the country are using online stores for everything from the weekly shop to finding that special something for that special someone.


In fact, around 60% of the UK population now does at least some of their shopping online, more than any other country in the world and around double the global average.


These statistics, combined with the fact that UK shoppers spent a whopping £91bn online in 2013 (a figure that is set to increase to £107bn this year), goes to prove that, not only is online shopping here to stay, it’s also taking over the world.




In the early days of online shopping, security was a big concern for many customers, with many fearing that their sensitive payment information could be accessed by hackers looking to steal their money.


However today, almost all ecommerce sites can install SSL certificate quickly and easily, giving both them and their customers a good level of online protection and keeping private information safe.




Not only do online shops offer big discounts to bargain hunting customers, websites also offer very good value for the companies themselves, thanks to the relatively low running costs and overheads.


This is because, unlike a physical shop, an online shop doesn’t require a lot to get it going. All you really need is an internet connection, a product and a bit of marketing know how and you’re good to go.


And with most hosting packages costing from around £20 a year, the rent on an online store is a lot more affordable than a physical shop front.


Ease of use


However, what’s most appealing for both vendors and vendees alike is the ease of use offered by the internet.


No longer do working people have to drag themselves to the shops on a Saturday morning to buy that emergency birthday present or mother’s day gift, today we can order whatever we want from the comfort of our sofas and have it delivered right to our door within a couple of days.


With all of these important factors working in its favour, not only is online shopping here to stay, it’s set to grow and grow and grow until everything from the shirt on your back to the food in your tummy comes courtesy of the web.


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