Enhancing the Performance of Your Benelli Shotgun

January 25, 2014 Article Writer Comments Off on Enhancing the Performance of Your Benelli Shotgun

Gaining access to a new weapon pumps the adrenaline of a natural born shooter. Many believe that weapons are not only dangerous, but a menace to society. However, you know better than that. The thrill a shooter receives when they feel the metal of the gun touch their palms as he gently wraps his fingers around the trigger to go hunting or practice shooting is unfathomable.

Even more exhilarating than purchasing a new weapon such as a Benelli Shotgun is purchasing the GG&G tactical accessories for it. Modifying the gun to your specifications is like mastering the weapon and honing it for your own abilities. Several performance accessories for the Benelli Shotgun give the shooter maximum range and power.

Enhancing the Performance of Your Benelli Shotgun  Enhancing the Performance of Your Benelli Shotgun


One of the more popular upgrades for the Benelli shotgun is extensions, which allow a shooter to shoot more rounds without extending the overall length of the Benelli shotgun. GG&G high performance tactical accessories include the following extensions:

  • Benelli M2 Magazine Extension (two shot);
  • Benelli Nova and SuperNova Magazine Tube Extension (two shot).

Both products work similarly and the choice as to which one is better varies according the needs of the shooter. Each shooter will have a variant experience with each extension and will prefer one to the other. Reading through the specifications can help with purchasing decisions and will give you a clearer idea of which can be more beneficial for your shooting needs.

Enhancing the Performance of Your Benelli Shotgun 300x114 Enhancing the Performance of Your Benelli Shotgun

Other Accessories

The Benelli M4 Shotgun surprises many shooters due to its power, precision and accuracy. GG&G has many attachments that can be used as Benelli M4 accessories. Some of the attachments are as follows:

  • Benelli Follower for M1, M2, M3 and M4 12 Gauge


The Benelli Follower fits as an attachment onto the original Benelli shotgun and does not require the shooter to make any modifications to the gun. The deep, noticeable red aluminum insert is highly visible and allows the shooter to see when the magazine tube is empty. A noteworthy attachment, the Benelli Follower for the M1, M2, M3 and M4 has become a standard accessory for those who purchase a Benelli Shotgun.


  • Benelli Tactical Bolt Release Pad


During high-stress tactical combat, a shooter finds themselves uneasy. Finding the small bolt release button on the M4 and previous models seems tedious. Even more, if in the wrong situation, could result in the loss of a life if the gunman is on the battlefield.


As a natural combativeness for this problem, GG&G offers the Benelli Tactical Bolt Release Pad. Significantly larger than the stock bolt release, the 4140 ordnance steel bolt gives the shooter a more reasonable method of finding the bolt release without having to look for it on the shotgun. During a gunfight, this accessory could save your life.


GG&G Has High Performance Tactical Accessories for You

American-made, but worldwide distributed, GG&G prides themselves on providing shooters with the best accessories for their weapons, including the Benelli Shotgun. Viewing through many of their accessories, shooters are enticed by the selection and personal customization that GG&G has made abundantly easier for their clients.

Many accessories can be attached to the stock models with minimal or no modifications necessary. Transform your gun into a tactically proficient weapon.


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