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Behemoth to Fight DDoS Challenges

DDoS threat capabilities are increasing, and Incapusla’s “Behemoth” machine is rising to meet the challenge.   Turning Up the Power   The Internet is spreading across the globe, and computing capacities are being stretched at a blinding pace; in a sense, computer speed and resources are increasing at rates faster than society can manage. Those […]

Website security: Keep one step ahead of the hackers

If you have an online business or own a website concerned with community or professional matters then you will be aware of the need to keep it secure from hackers. Even if you think your site doesn’t contain anything worth being hacked for, it is still likely that at some point the hackers will turn […]

Data Recovery software tips

If you are similar to most other computer users, you’ve probably a while inadvertently deleted a number of the crucial info or files from your computer. The good news in the event that that there is data recovery software on the market which is capable to recuperate the information you have lost, there is no […]

Minimizing the Pain of a Software Audit

Ernst & Young predicts that the average vendor’s software audit requires about 200 hours; in complex organizations, that time can escalate to as much as 5,000 hours. You work for a software vendor, where executives are pushing your audit team to generate revenue by finding non-compliance issues. At the same time, they also want you […]

Signs Your Computer is Fixing to Crash

Computers are great so long as they work in the ways we expect them to, but expectations can — and do — fail. Countless throngs of people since the dawn of the computer age have suffered when their trusty PC companion crashed at the end of its short life cycle. Oftentimes, in addition to being […]