Business or Pleasure? Make the Most of a Boring Business Trip

April 4, 2014 prolog Comments Off on Business or Pleasure? Make the Most of a Boring Business Trip

Although most business trips have a level of built-in boringness that are just part of the corporate landscape, there are plenty of ways to turn a humdrum trip into a good time. From fitting in fun activities on the side, to relaxing on your off time, making a business trip seem like a pleasure isn’t much work as long as you know how to fill your time. With work and play in mind, here are just a few ways to make any business trip a blast.

Take Advantage of the Before and After

Although your business trip itinerary is at the mercy of corporate meetings, seminars, or anything else that has the word “boring” written all over it, what you do on your off time is fair game. So, instead of sitting around waiting for the meeting to start, manage your time wisely and take advantage of the mornings and nights.

This might mean you’ll have to wake up at the crack of dawn and stay out way past your bedtime, but if you don’t want to become a hotel hermit, the off hours are likely your only chance to explore extracurricular activities. Speaking of business trip adventures and explorations…

Don’t be Afraid to go on a Walk

The best way to take advantage of the free time you have on your business trip is walking around whatever city you’re in. No matter how boring the city or remote the town, walking around central, safe, populated areas is a great way to take in some sights and get a little extra exercise on the side. Just remember to pack your sneakers and a GPS.

If adventure isn’t pulling you in any certain direction, then hop on a bus or another form of public transportation. Buses and subways are usually on busy routes, which will give you a chance to see where the locals go. If you’re tired of metro areas, then city parks and trails are another great option, just make sure you designate your trail hiking for the daylight hours.

Mobile Devices Make Perfect Travel Buddies

Whether you take your laptop or tablet along for the ride, mobile devices are great companions to have when you’re entering boring business trip territory. If you’re a gamer, a movie streamer, or you want to read online casino reviews to find the best online gambling the Internet has to offer, you can do it all from the comfort of your own device.

Likewise, if you’re the kind of business traveler who gets homesick, laptops and tablets are the perfect way to stay connected to loved ones back home. Thanks to Skype and FaceTime, your boring business trip will fly by because you’ll have the ability to complain face-to-face to your spouse about how annoying your boss is or how slow the meetings are going.

Go on a Restaurant Tour

Be your own tour guide and let your appetite lead the way by creating your own restaurant tour. How does a restaurant tour work? Well, any way you want it to work, that’s how. For example, you can choose two to three local restaurants a day and walk to each one for breakfast, lunch, and dinner. Before you know it, you’ll have eaten some pretty great meals and you’ll know your way around.

While you’re at it, invite other business trip attendees along for the grub journey. Chances are they’re just as bored as you. That and everybody loves a good meal. Just make sure you figure out the foodie hotspots in town first by visiting online review sites like Yelp.

Plan for Business Trip Adventure Ahead of Time

All of these suggestions point to one thing: planning. Once you see the boredom that is your next business trip on the horizon, formulate a plan for fun by researching the destination city and what it has to offer in the way of activities. Search for “Things to Do” lists, outdoor activities, parks and recreation, movie theaters, and anything else you can think of that might tickle your fancy while you’re suffering through business trip drudgery.

By keeping in mind the business trip tips above, you’ll successfully stop the boredom before it starts.


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