Best Social Work Conferences to Attend in 2014

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In the world of social work, there is always more to learn even after getting your master of social work degree. There are behavioral issues, laws, and plenty of variables that have to be considered. Here you will find information on the best social work conferences to attend in 2014. You may learn tactics and information that help you solve complex cases. You can also get support from others in this same field as well as rejuvenate your mind, so you don’t get burned out on the job.

Society for Social Work and Research

Kick off the year with an excellent social work conference offered by the Society for Social Work and Research (SSWR). The focus of this conference is to make a difference by evaluating both local and global changes that can be made. Social work isn’t always black and white so being able to think about ways to help with those shades of gray is very important. This conference will be held from January 15th through January 19th in San Antonio, Texas. This is one that fills up quickly so now is the time to get that registration completed!

17th National School Social Work Conference

This social work conference is offered by the School Social Work Association of America (SSWAA). This is a National conference that is dedicated to pinpointing and exploring the specific issues that social workers have talked about. This means you won’t get the same rehashed information, but real data that has to do with what is going on in that field at this point in time. This conference is held in Chicago; Illinois from March 19th to 22nd.

Association of Oncology Social Work

The Association of Oncology Social Work (AOSW) will host an informative and hands on learning conference in 2014. This is a conference that focuses on being positive and moving forward. If you feel that you are stuck with some of the options, this can give you new hope for better results in the future. This social work conference is held in Baltimore, Maryland May 28th through May 30th.

Joint World Conference on Social Work, Education, and Social Development

One of the reasons that this is a great conference to attend is that it looks at the whole problem. It can help with reducing the risk of generational poverty. It offers some solutions that can be implemented to help those in need to develop their skills both socially and from an educational standpoint. That can help them to secure a job and to be able to care for themselves and their family successfully. This social work conference takes place July 9th through 12th in Melbourne, Australia.


Many of the best social work conferences to attend in 2014 have limited space available. Take some time to evaluate the agendas and then determine what would be best for you to attend. Get your registration completed early as well as your travel plans. What you learn can help you to face the many challenges of such a rewarding career choice.


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