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How online shopping is taking over the world

 Easy, quick and efficient, it’s no wonder that shoppers across the country are using online stores for everything from the weekly shop to finding that special something for that special someone.   In fact, around 60% of the UK population now does at least some of their shopping online, more than any other country in […]

Website security: Keep one step ahead of the hackers

If you have an online business or own a website concerned with community or professional matters then you will be aware of the need to keep it secure from hackers. Even if you think your site doesn’t contain anything worth being hacked for, it is still likely that at some point the hackers will turn […]

Using real-time performance data to facilitate optimum processes in your organization

  Collecting and analyzing real-time performance data puts organizations in good position to keep up with changing external conditions, streamline processes and ultimately make better decisions. Companies may use probes to keep tabs on network events and application activities, with the intent of knowing enough about their IT environments to set and align goals for […]

Business or Pleasure? Make the Most of a Boring Business Trip

Although most business trips have a level of built-in boringness that are just part of the corporate landscape, there are plenty of ways to turn a humdrum trip into a good time. From fitting in fun activities on the side, to relaxing on your off time, making a business trip seem like a pleasure isn’t […]