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Mergers and acquisitions is a vague term, though it is a common one within the finance arena.  It is rare that there is a merger of equals; usually what is termed a merger is actually one company purchasing another.  For all practical purposes, the field is really about one company acquiring another.  Generally, the owners […]

International Factoring: How to Take Your Business to the Next Level

There is something of a cliché in the business world and when a once-thriving small business starts to experience problems, the general phrase used is that they “grew to quick”. In short, this means that they were unable to cope with the soaring demands that their once-tiny enterprises weren’t used to facing. One of these, […]

Why Would A Solopreneur Want Accounting in Austin?

First off, as you may be wondering, what is a ‘solopreneur’? We like this definition, according to Kim @ Freedom Street: “The term Solopreneur has been defined as an entrepreneur who works alone and runs their business single-handedly. They might use contractors but they have full responsibility for the day-to-day running of their business. How […]

What operating system do I need for my website?

Another of the dilemmas faced by someone who has to choose web hosting is the operating system, Windows or Linux? In another post and we explain how to choose correctly, but is a question that is explained very easily: If your page has a dynamic programming using php (sites like WordPress, Joomla and other Open […]

The Value of Offline Data Entry to Businesses

Just because the use of the internet is widespread doesn’t mean all data processing can be done on line or should be. While the vast majority of companies conduct business online, there are several fields that still utilize a form of information processing that does not need internet connection. Offline data entry is the process […]

The use of mobile applications doubled

Every time we spend more time using apps instead of browsers our mobile devices. Through the apps we have access to information or functions that interest us faster and more easily. For this reason, it is imperative that companies know define clearly a strategy of digital presence where applications for android, iPhone, Blackberry or Windows […]