5 simple things that can improve your working day

May 11, 2015 prolog Comments Off on 5 simple things that can improve your working day

You might feel like you spend most of your waking hours at work, so it’s important that you don’t dread sitting at your desk. If you’re looking for ways to improve your working day, take a look at these five simple but effective suggestions.

1) Invest in a comfy chair

Given that you probably sit at your desk for hours on end, a top-quality, comfy chair is a must. Putting up with shoddy seating can drag your mood down, prevent you from concentrating and even affect your health. After all, if your chair isn’t up-to-scratch, it could increase your chances of suffering musculoskeletal problems like a bad back, sore neck or repetitive strain injuries. As office furnishing specialists Furniture At Work™ note, good chairs should have design features like curved backs and adjustable arms. It’s also important that your chair has padded edges and can be adjusted to the perfect height. You might be surprised by how much of an impact your seating has on the way you feel when you’re at your workstation.

2) Get the best tech

If you find yourself getting frustrated with your technology, it could be time to invest in new devices and IT systems. It’s impossible to work effectively and efficiently without the right technology. Whether your laptop keeps freezing, your smartphone won’t synch up with your work apps or the broadband keeps cutting out, your stress levels may be soaring. It’s therefore well worth spending some money on new IT resources.

3) Incorporate uplifting design details

Think about the overall look and feel of your workplace too. If your décor is drab, your pot plants have perished and you’re weary of your wall art, you might benefit from revamping your office. By giving your walls a fresh lick of paint and investing in some attractive new design details, you could make your work area a much more pleasant and appealing place in which to spend time.

4) Up your exercise levels

You might also benefit from upping your levels of exercise. This could involve anything from cycling to work to heading out for a stroll on your lunch break. Even taking the stairs rather than using the lift could help you to burn more calories. As well as enjoying the health benefits associated with exercise, raising the amount of activity you do could help to improve your mood, boost your self-esteem, increase your energy and reduce your stress levels.

5) Take regular breaks

When you’re busy at work, you might find it hard to take breaks from your tasks. However, it’s important to make the effort. Staring at your computer screen for too long is bad for your health  and it can cloud your concentration. By ensuring you take regular breaks, you should find it easier to sustain your concentration throughout the day.



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