3 Mobile Apps to Watch in 2018

June 23, 2018 prolog Comments Off on 3 Mobile Apps to Watch in 2018

Over the past few years, most companies have come to realise that mobile apps are no longer an optional investment, but a crucial part of running a business. For start-ups and small companies making the website mobile friendly is the next best thing. 2017 was a big year for mobile app development and 2018 looks to follow in the same steps, here’s a look at 3 Apps that are going to change their sectors.


A simple but useful app, Splitwise removes all the awkwardness of asking for money from friends and family. The app is share between you and whoever your split bills, rent and other costs up with frequently, it keeps track of who owes you money and what you owe and does all the calculations over the period, so you don’t need to spend an hour figuring out who owes what! It also offers real-time updates and reminders if you have a gift to split the cost for or if you side of the rent is due. It’s the perfect app for those constantly conscious of finances.


Potentially an anti-phone app, for anyone who thinks they spend too much time on their phone, Forest is the perfect app to help with your obsession. With this app, when you open it Forest plants a tree, but the tree only grows when you don’t use your phone. It works as an excellent motivational tool to stop using your phone if you find you’re on it scrolling too much. It can also be shared with your friends and turn into the game that you don’t play! As you grow more and more trees, you’ll begin to see who’s the best at staying off their phone, and over time naturally, you’ll have less desire to use your phone.

Horizon Explorer

For all the adventurers out there, Horizon Explorer is a neat app that can help with your days out hiking. Using your camera, Horizon explorer has the ability to tell you the distance and altitude that a chosen point is, handy for most adventurers and it’s surprisingly accurate! It’s a free app that doesn’t have ads, and the app developers promise more features to Horizon Explorer soon!

There are also plenty more amazing updates from app developers to current apps to make them more efficient and fun to use. It’s likely that we will see more apps using AI functions and VR technology this year, as they are some of the most significant advancement in the technology sector currently.


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